5 potential investors to buy Chelsea

15 Mar 2022 | 20:23 | Football

With its charm and reputation, Chelsea easily attracts the attention of investors.

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1. Nick Candy

Nick Candy is a loyal fan of Chelsea. Previously, the 49-year-old businessman once admitted: “I have supported Chelsea since I was 4 years old. My father was asked to play for Chelsea. I love Chelsea.”

The billionaire real estate developer spoke to a group of American investors about forming a consortium to buy Chelsea. Candy’s £2.5 billion proposal is said to include a £1.5 billion rebuilding of Stamford Bridge. 
5 potential investors to buy Chelsea - Football

 Nick Candy is one of those who want to buy Chelsea.

2. Hansjorg Wyss

The 86-year-old has emerged as the leading candidate in the acquisition of Chelsea. He is said to own a fortune of £ 4.3 billion after founding the US medical equipment business Synthes. 

Earlier, Wyss also confirmed that Roman Abramovich wanted to reduce the price of The Blues to make the deal go smoothly. Abramovich is asking too much right now,” he said. You know, Chelsea owes him £2 billion. But Chelsea has no money. That means Chelsea buyers should compensate Abramovich.”

Wyss shared that he did not buy Chelsea alone, but he needed the support of a consortium of six to seven investors.


3. Muhsin Flag

Muhsin Bayrak, a Turkish businessman, made a fortune of £8 billion as the chairman of AB Group Holding – a company that invests in tourism, cryptocurrencies and construction. Bayrak is said to have met with Abramovich to discuss a possible deal.

4. Jamie Reuben

Jamie Reuben is another loyal fan who nurtures his dream of managing Chelsea. Reuben’s father and uncle – who form part of the £12bn business – bought a 10% stake in Newcastle last year when the £300m takeover at St James’ Park was completed. Reuben is said to be able to leave if he wants to be his own boss.
5 potential investors to buy Chelsea - Football

 Reuben has ambitions to invest in football like his father and uncle.

5. Saudi Media Group

Saudi Media Group is one of the other contractors looking to redevelop Stamford Bridge as part of their grand scheme for Chelsea.

An approach from the Middle East is being led by Mohamed Alkhereiji, who runs Saudi Media and is the CEO of parent company Engineer Holding Group founded by his father Abdulelah Alkhereiji.

The company generates more than 1 billion pounds a year showing the strong financial potential of Saudi Media Group. 

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