Aguero shares heart problems

08 Feb 2022 | 14:21 | Football

 Sergio Aguero was forced to retire from football because of an arrhythmia and he has just shared specifically about this issue.

Sergio Aguero has given an insight into the final stage of his career when the player retired due to an arrhythmia. He admits that he must have a chip in his heart to stay alive.

On his Twitch channel, the former Man City star shared: I have a chip in my chest . At night, I give off colored lights, I’m like Iron Man. I have a chip, it’s crazy. And If the heart is beating fast, it will notify the doctor.”

Aguero shares heart problems - Football

 Aguero shared about his heart condition.

“I knew I would have to retire a week or 10 days in advance. When the doctor told me that my career was over, I went to Abu Dhabi to forget about it and when the day of real parting came, I started. The head feels calm.”

“I was with Laporta before leaving the press conference and when I saw the stairs with my chair there, I fell down and started crying. I had to go out and I didn’t want to because it was very difficult. It was hard for me. I didn’t want them to see me cry but Laporta told me I just needed to go out and talk, I started to think I was relaxed so I felt comfortable.”

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