Before the 31st SEA Games, the interior of Thai football was stirred

17 Apr 2022 | 20:58 | Football

The Football Federation of Thailand (FAT) has decided to leave the Thai league schedule to facilitate the meeting after receiving a call from the female captain of the Thai football team, Nualphan Lamsam. sea ​​games Thirty-first.

Inside Thai football stirs 31 ahead of Sea Games

U23 Thailand difficult to welcome the 31st SEA Games

The Thai league organizers accepted the FAT’s demands, but an underground fight actually broke out.

On April 16, Mr Korrawee Priissananthakul, the acting chief executive of the Thai Union, posted on his personal Facebook page expressing his disapproval of the issue.

“If everything happened 20 years ago, I can totally understand because the gold medal in the SEA Games is the expectation and pride of the Thai people.

But everything is different now, the gold medal is not so important anymore. This is the era of international competitions, the A-level competition under the FIFA system.

Thai football is heading towards this goal, raising the bar and targeting a sport sports Totally professional,” said Mr Korrawee Prisnanthakul.

The general manager of the Thai league said football’s achievement disease has kept Thailand from reaching Asia or the world.

Korrawee Priissananthakul: “Currently, some people in charge of football in Thailand (referring to Ms Nualphan Lamsam) overemphasize winning the SEA Games gold medal and see participation in the World Cup as a miracle.

This inadvertently puts unnecessary pressure on coach Polkin, the FAT and clubs in the Thai league. “

The acting general manager of the Thai League also suggested that the SEA Games should be considered as a place for young players, or those who do not have many opportunities to play at club level, to express themselves and gain experience.

At the same time, the SEA Games is also a place to discover talents, let them join the team, and move towards higher goals in intercontinental events or world-class competitions.

“This is the real achievement of the SEA Games. So if you still keep the old mentality and are still content with small championships, then Thai football should not dream of going to Asia or the world,” added Mr Korrawee Priissananthakul.

Relevant information shows that despite the postponement of the domestic competition schedule, Thailand U23 still faces many difficulties in terms of personnel due to the club’s refusal to release people.

According to the result of the draw, Thailand U23 is in Group B with Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and Laos. On May 7, “War Elephant” will face Malaysia U23.

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