Coach Chiati Sark’s ‘Line’ Phase and the Truth in ‘House of Happiness’

23 Sep 2022 | 11:07 | Football

After witnessing Van Toan’s goal in HAGL’s final match at V-League 2022, coach Kiatisak said the players Haiyang under contract pressure.

stage "shirt stripes" By coach kiatisak and the truth "Happy home"

Van Toan (yellow jersey) against Ping An in the 2022 V League round of 16

It is understood that the contracts of the first generation of HAGL Academy players will expire at the end of this year’s season. So there is a lot of information about the future of Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Van Toan.

Baldeck said many first-team players will indeed be free after the 2022 season, but “freedom has to be within the framework, not where you want to go”.

The peace-born businessman also confirmed that HAGL will take on the role of guiding the landing of players who want to leave the Pleiku Stadium, as he sees them as his children.

In addition, elected Duc emphasized, he has not seen any players ask him to be allowed to leave.

However, it seems like Duke’s approach doesn’t really fit, as professional football is all about contracts.

When no longer legally binding, the player must be truly free. So the German election spokesman unintentionally put pressure on the players.

In addition, the head of HAGL kept referring to nurturing the feelings and merits of mature players as a rope that binds Cong Phuong and his teammates.

But that’s also not appropriate. Because, HAGL nurtured them and nurtured them, but they also dedicated their youth to the Nui Street Team, bringing many different values.

I remember at the beginning of the year, when Guang Hai’s contract expired and he planned to go abroad to play football, the Hanoi Club’s performance was very civilized.

The Capital team sat down and negotiated a very generous offer to retain its number one star.

After failing to reach a contract extension, Hanoi FC let Hai “Child” leave, accepting the loss, despite his strengths in training and developing the midfielder from an early age.

It needs to be reiterated that the connection between individuals and teams is based on contracts, and emotions cannot be interfered with or used to pressure each other.

From this point of view, coupled with coach Kiatisak’s revelations, it is clear that the atmosphere at Pleiku Stadium is not as happy as Duc Duc describes it.

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