Coach Rangnick spoke about Van de Beek

15 Jan 2022 | 11:54 | Football

Ralf Rangnick once again vaguely spoke about Donny van de Beek’s future in the Man Utd squad.

“Van de Beek is in a similar situation to Dean Henderson. I’m happy to have Van de Beek in the MU squad. He played 15-20 minutes (against Aston Villa in the FA Cup – PV) and did well. I played the game. I talked to him last Monday. I advise Van de Beek to stay at MU until the end of the season and look forward to the 2022 World Cup”, coach Rangnick answered at the press conference on the evening of January 14 (Hanoi time).

“Van de Beek wants to participate in the 2022 World Cup. Louis van Gaal told him about having to play regularly at the club to get promoted to the Netherlands. I understand Van de Beek’s desire. But MU is having many problems. compete in the squad for the main kick positions,” he continued.

Van de Beek in the match against Aston Villa. Photo: Reuters.

Van de Beek in the match against Aston Villa. Photo: Reuters.

The appearance of coach Rangnick in the MU squad did not help Van de Beek find the light. He only came on as a substitute in 2 matches against Crystal Palace and Norwich in the Premier League. The match against Aston Villa in the FA Cup is Van de Beek’s third time on the field since Rangnick took over at MU.

Previously, coach Rangnick said that the Dutch player’s physique was not suitable for the Premier League. Specifically, Van de Beek could not keep and cover the ball to deal with the fierceness of this tournament.

Manchester Evening News reported that Van de Beek was depressed because of the current situation, so he expressed his desire to leave MU in the mid-season transfer window of 2021/22. He is ready to dock at Newcastle to play regularly, thereby impressing coach Van Gaal to have a place in the 2022 World Cup.

Under the reign of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Van de Beek was always praised for his training spirit and dedication to MU. However, Solskjaer did not let Van de Beek play. By the time of coach Rangnick, he continued to speak well of Van de Beek, but always avoided answering the question of whether Van de Beek would be able to start or not.

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