Determine U23 Vietnam’s opponent in U23 Asia 2022 quarter-finals

10 Jun 2022 | 00:39 | Football

On the evening of June 9, the last two games of Group D of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship started.

As a result, U23 Japan defeated U23 Tajikistan 3-0, and U23 Saudi Arabia defeated U23 UAE 2-0.

U23 Vietnam's opponents determined in U23 Asia 2022 quarter-finals

Ranking after the last match of Group D

With the above results, U23 Saudi Arabia successfully defended the top spot in Group D with 7 points.

Japan’s U23 also has a score of 7 but is lower than the sub-indices and thus ranks second.

In the quarter-finals, U23 Saudi Arabia will face Vietnam, the second place in Group C, and U23 Japan will face South Korea, the first place in Group C.

2022 AFC U23 Championship quarter-final schedule:

11/6 8pm: U23 Australia – U23 Turkmenistan

11/6 23 hours: U23 Uzbekistan – U23 Iraq

12/6 8pm: U23 Korea – U23 Japan

12/6 23 hours: U23 Vietnam – U23 Saudi Arabia

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