Football transfers July 26: Messi has ‘surprise’ move

27 Jul 2022 | 00:04 | Football

Messi has a ‘surprise’ move

The Athletic reports that head coach Xavi Hernandez sees the return of Lionel Messi as the key to the team’s restructuring.

Football transfers for July 26: Messi in action "be surprised"

Lionel Messi wants to return to Barcelona?

The Sporting news comes after President Laporta conceded that Barca are capable of reuniting with Messi.

“I hope everything between Barça and Messi is not over yet. As Barça president, I am grateful to Messi. He is everything for Barca, the best player in the history of the team,” President Laporta was quoted as saying .

According to El Chiringuito TV, Messi even called Xavi to inquire about a possible return to Barca in the summer of 2022.

The Argentine superstar was portrayed as unhappy in Paris. Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain runs until June 2023.

Sky Sports revealed that Paris Saint-Germain offered to extend Messi’s contract for at least another year. However, the 35-year-old is said to not want to talk about a contract extension as he focuses on the 2022 World Cup with Argentina.

Bayern announce more rookies

HomeBayern Munich have just announced the signing of Mattis Thiel from Rennes. The 2005-born player signed a five-year contract that will run until June 2027.

According to transfer expert Fabrizio Romano, the “Gray Lobster” must pay the Ligue 1 team 20 million euros plus 8.5 million euros in surcharges to complete the deal. The total value of the deal is 28.5 million euros.

Before the call, Bayern managed to bring in Mattis De Ligt (80 million euros), Sadio Mane (34 million euros), Ryan Gravenberg (12 million euros) and Nussell- Mazrawi (free agent).

In the summer of 2022, the defending Bundesliga champions will spend a total of 154.5 million euros on five rookies.

MU still pursuing De Jong

Sources from Spain say representatives from MU and Barcelona are sitting together again, hoping to find a common agreement.

MU made an updated offer worth 75 million euros, with around 10 million euros in variables.

According to the “Marca” report, Mourinho also personally discussed a five-year contract with De Jong. The Dutch will receive 13 million euros a year, as well as a bonus of 4 million euros.

De Jong’s annual salary at Barcelona is 14 million euros. The Catalan giant forced the former Ajax player to take a pay cut in case he disagrees with a move to Manchester United.

Chelsea revenge on Barcelona

Chelsea wanted to get Jules Conte, but were interrupted by Barcelona. The Nou Camp also drew two players, Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso, at Stamford Bridge.

With Kunde’s departure, Chelsea have ambitions to win Araujo’s signature.

After a successful season, Araujo faced many challenges. Coach Xavi Hernandez wants him to play right-back rather than his favourite centre-back role.

Chelsea took advantage of the problem to lure the Uruguayan player into a new football programme deployed by Thomas Tuchel.

Mourinho saves old games

According to Italian media reports, Roma have contacted Jose Mourinho for midfielder Eric Bailly – a Mourinho veteran.

Bailly and Mourinho worked together for two and a half years at Old Trafford after the Ivorian midfielder moved to Manchester in the summer of 2016.

Eric Bailly has been up and down in recent years, with frequent injuries, so he’s only the fifth choice for Old Trafford’s centre-back.

The emergence of rookie Lisandro Martinez further limited Bailly’s playing opportunities.

On the last tour, however, Bailly was given the chance to show himself by coach Ten Hager, and he played well and left a strong mark.

In the case of Eric Bailey, he wants to stay in Manchester because he believes he has a future. However, MU is prepared to liquidate the central defender if a reasonable offer from Roma is received.

Anthony got stuck trying to go to MU

Anthony and his agent were angry that Ajax refused to negotiate a transfer deal with Manchester United.

Frustrated with Ajax’s stance, the Brazil star will no longer sell a mainstay of the squad following the departure of Lisandro Martinez, according to the Mirror.

Mourinho also wants to own Anthony, but the Dutch football champion only agrees to a £68m price tag.

Eric Ten Haag is looking forward to seeing the winger again at Old Trafford, so the Red Devils leaders have decided to raise their offer for Ajax above the previous £51m.

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