Frustrated wife, David Beckham personally prepared lunch to get points but did not expect to leave a very “cheeky” message

19 Jan 2022 | 17:06 | Football


Recently, people have been eating “crawl salary” from the Beckham family.

David Beckham and his wife Victoria have been married for more than 2 decades, but the British golden couple is still very affectionate, often making fans admire by their peaceful love actions.

A few days ago, Victoria revealed that the former England player had personally prepared a lunch box to take out for lunch. However, David made many people fall back with the message recorded in the attached paper.

The note was glued by David Beckham to the lunch box

The note was glued by David Beckham to the lunch box

David Beckham with his wife Victoria

David Beckham with his wife Victoria

“Have a good lunch, you bastard… Be happier when you come home. Love is full. You must know who wrote this,” the father of four wrote. The British media considered this to be the most “boldest” message a father of four had ever sent to his wife. Because, the 46-year-old former famous player dared to use somewhat difficult words to call “roof”.

Anyway, David was just teasing his wife. It is important that despite being busy, David still makes time to take care of Victoria. The 46-year-old fashion designer was also impressed with her husband’s actions. “Even when I’m frustrated, he still takes care of me. Thank you brother,” Victoria wrote on her personal page.

David loves to cook and often shows off his achievements on social media. The eldest son Brooklyn has the same passion as his father. Recently, Brooklyn has just launched an online cooking program called “Cookin’ With Brooklyn”.

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