Good news suddenly came from the U23 Vietnam team’s SEA Games opponent

18 Apr 2022 | 20:59 | Football

The owners of the Slovak national championship FK Seneca club have been unable to pay players and staff for months due to business losses.

Good news suddenly came from the U23 Vietnam Haisai opponent

Egy Maulana Vikri may be back sea ​​games 31 vs U23 Indonesia

Someone was owed wages for up to seven months but the club owner did nothing to fix the problem, sparking outrage among team members.

Therefore, in the final match against Liptovsky Mikulas club, 8 FK Senica players decided to strike. These include two Indonesian stars, Egy Maulana Vikri and Witan Sulaeman.

School coaches were therefore forced to use a squad made up of many players from the U19 team to play and beat 0-3.

In the face of the above situation, “Bola” commented: “The journey of Edge and Vitan with Seneca this season is likely to be over.

After 11 appearances for Seneca, Vitan Suleiman was able to return to Laikia Gdansk (host) with 4 goals and 1 assist. Even he and Edge can come back early to prepare for the 31st SEA Games. “

Currently, FK Senica Club is facing numerous difficulties due to the financial crisis. They were forced to sell many of their stars to repay debts of around 1 million euros.

Meanwhile, many other players have automatically left the team for months without pay. The latest is goalkeeper Henry Lavas.

For related information, the Indonesian U23 will have a training session in South Korea to prepare for the SEA Gmaes 31.

In the land of Kimchi, teacher and coach Shin Tae-yong will play two games against the Pohang Steelers and the citizens of Daejeon Hana.

In the 31st Southeast Asian Games, Team Wan Dao was in Group A with Vietnam U23, Myanmar U23, Philippines U23 and East Timor U23. On May 6, the U23 Indonesia team will play the home team U23 Vietnam in the opening match.

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