James Rodriguez saves opponent from stroke, hailed as a hero in Qatar

13 Jan 2022 | 20:42 | Football


James Rodriguez is becoming a real-life hero, after helping to save his opponent from a critical moment in the Qatar Championship.

In the match between two clubs Al Wakrah and Al Rayyan – the club that James Rodriguez is playing for – at the Qatar Stars League on January 9, a big incident happened. At the end of the first half, defender Ousmane Coulibaly of Al Wakrah club suddenly collapsed on the field. According to the Qatari press, what happened to Coulibaly is identical to the case of Christian Eriksen in the EURO 2020 final round .

James Rodriguez contributed to saving his teammates' lives

James Rodriguez contributed to saving his teammates’ lives

The medical team realized the seriousness of the problem and quickly entered the field, then the game was halted. The Malian player, after receiving first aid, was taken to the hospital, the score was at that time 1-0 for Al Rayyan. After considering all possibilities, the organizers decided not to let the match continue.

The incident of Ousmane Coulibaly, who played in Europe from 2008 to 2019, could have turned into a tragedy if James Rodriguez had not been on the field. In the Al Watan newspaper, the doctor of the Al Wakrah club confirmed that James Rodriguez was a great contributor to saving Coulibaly’s life.

James helped Al Wakrah’s No. 21 breathe by lifting the player’s head off the ground. Al Watan newspaper wrote: “Doctor Shaaban confirmed that Coulibaly was able to breathe thanks to the help of James. The away defender was unconscious, his pulse was weak, but fortunately he did not have a cardiac arrest.”

Thanks to the practical and urgent action of James Rodriguez, the medical team was immediately present to perform first aid and bring Coulibaly to the hospital. The player born in 1989 is not in danger of life and just needs a few days of rest.

Currently James Rodriguez is being hailed as a hero in Qatar. This is also a match where the former Real Madrid player played very well. He created an assist for his teammates to open the scoring in the 19th minute, then scored 2 goals himself, including a super free kick. In the last 3 matches, the Colombian star contributed to Al Rayyan’s 5 goals with 2 goals and 3 assists.

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