Juventus coach explains why Vlahovic is exhausted

07 Mar 2022 | 18:02 | Football

 Asked about the abuse of Dusan Vlahovic, coach Max Allegri answered.

Video of Vlahovic training at Juventus before the match against Villarreal

Juventus are in good form despite the absence of nine injured players, including another player who suffered a relapse due to Paulo Dybala’s muscle. It is not clear when Dybala will return, but this opens the door for other strikers to play in the next phase.

Meeting Spezia, Dusan Vlahovic is the person chosen to play the highest in attack. Notably, the Serbian striker spent the 8th consecutive match appearing in the main squad.

Sharing about continuing to use Vlahovic from the beginning, coach Max Allegri expressed: “There are five days left before the next match, so we have time to give Vlahovic a chance to recover . playing from the start was the right choice.”
Juventus coach explains the reason for Vlahovic's exhaustion - Football

 Vlahovic continued to work hard in the victory over Spezia.

There is no denying the importance of Vlahovic at the club. He is playing very well with 4 goals in the new team shirt. That’s why the striker born in 2000 has just been honored as the best player in February of Juventus.

And although Vlahovic could not shine, Alvaro Morata scored the only goal against Spezia. 3 recent important points help Juventus add some dramatic spice to the race to win the Scudetto.

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