Pau FC coach has high hopes for midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai

30 Jun 2022 | 22:45 | Football

On the evening of June 30, Vietnam time, Pau Football Club held a press conference to introduce new players for the 2022-2023 season, one of which is Nguyen Quang Hai, a midfielder from Vietnam.

Paul FC coach has high hopes for midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai

Guang Hai answered at a press conference on the evening of June 30

Assessing the new student, coach Didier Tolot hopes he can make a difference for his team.

“Guang Hai is a player who can hold the ball quickly. I need a player who can lead the team to victory at some point. Guang Hai is that kind of player,” said Mr Tolot.

In his answer, Guanghai received a lot of attention from the media, especially his adaptability.

“I have prepared everything, including mentally, to enter a new phase. I also have the support of the management, staff and players. I will work hard and earn the coach’s trust.

Every new environment is challenging and I will choose the one that suits me. Pau FC is the right place for me to develop myself, not for any other purpose,” shared Guanghai.

He is also confident that he can adapt to life on a brand new land.

“The weather is not a problem. When I was out in Vietnam, I received a lot of love from people. Instead, here I can focus entirely on football.

But yesterday, after the club was established, I also started to be welcomed by the people here over coffee. I think I’ll fit well into this environment. “

Professionally, Guang Hai said that he has a thorough understanding of Coach Tolot’s football philosophy and believes that he can adapt to the tactical requirements.

“I think the scheme the manager uses is right for me. I can meet the expertise that the BHL has to offer.

I feel like I fit the offensive position. I will try to play well in as many positions as possible to meet all the demands of the manager,” affirmed the Vietnamese player.

When asked if he could help Pau FC get promoted, the Hanoi-born midfielder deftly replied: “I’ll try my best.”

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