Players who just received historic contracts are called up to Vietnam

30 May 2022 | 23:49 | Football

On the morning of May 30, the Vietnamese women’s team reunited to prepare for the 2022 Women’s AFC Cup.

At this gathering, head coach Mai Dezhong filled in the name of midfielder Mi Young, who had just signed with Tae Nguyen T&T Women’s Club.

Players who just received historic contracts are called up to Vietnam

My Anh (second from left, top row) teamed up with the Vietnamese women’s team. Photo VFF

In particular, she accepted a bribe of up to 500 million VND, and Hoai Luong (400 million VND) became the first two female players in history to accept a bribe.

Previously, Hoai Anh was not summoned to attend sea ​​games On the 31st, she was involved in a contract dispute with the Ho Chi Minh City Women’s Club due to the time when the Vietnamese women’s team enlisted.

“At the party before the 31st SEA Games, I didn’t call Mi Ying because the player was caught in a personal issue between the Ho Chi Minh City club and the Thai Nguyen club.

After Meiying solved the problem, I summoned the player again, not wanting to cause trouble for Meiying.

So do other players. I just want the players to abide by the rules and terms of the contract with the club,” shared coach McDezhong.

For the first time a female player has a hand, Mr. Zhong said: “I am very happy. Male and female players have begun to be equal.

It’s not just male players who can sign with such high rebates. I hope all clubs do the same to make the lives of women players more secure. “

As for the team’s plan, head coach Mai Dezhong said that due to lack of time, the women’s team can only rest for one week after the SEA Games.

“Our goal this time around is to defend the title in this Southeast Asian arena, after the last time we won in Thailand in July 2019.

So far, we have got tickets for the World Cup and won the gold medal in the SEA Games again.

Each time there will be different difficulties and obviously this time we are going to have a heated dispute with the Philippines, which is the topic of direct tickets to the World Cup.

I will talk to the players and encourage them to keep their achievements and not stop at winning,” Chung added.

It is understood that with the exception of Chuong Thi Kieu, who assembled a day later, the Vietnamese women’s team settled down and quickly put on their shoes and headed to the training ground that afternoon.

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