Premier League results: rookies shine, MU easily beats Arsenal

05 Sep 2022 | 02:38 | Football

On the evening of September 4, the highlight of the sixth round of the Premier League between Manchester United and Arsenal started.

Premier League results: rookie shines, Mu easily beats Arsenal

Anthony celebrates scoring against Arsenal

After a few minutes of dislocation, Arsenal gradually regained the initiative and took control of the game.

In the 13th minute, Saka opened a knife for Martinelli and hit De Gea’s net. However, the goal was disallowed as Odegaard had previously fouled Eriksen.

Soon after, it was Gabriel Jesus’ turn to try his luck with a header from a small angle, but the ball went wide.

On the other side of the pitch, Mourinho actively defended at home and waited for an opportunity to counterattack.

In the 35th minute, Rashford ripped apart Arsenal’s defense with a fast ball. Anthony cut the ball into the far corner of the goal, pushed Ramsdale to the ground, and opened the scoring for the home team. .

After being taken in the lead, Arsenal increased their attacking force, but they were still unable to equalise before the end of the first half.

In the second half, coach Arteta continued to let the students play high and put a lot of pressure on the home team’s goal.

In the 60th minute, Dalot stole the ball and did not create conditions for Saka to go to the bottom line, pulling the game back to the starting line.

The Arsenal crowd, however, were not happy for long as Mourinho re-established the lead just minutes later.

In the 66th minute, Bruno Fernandez passed Rashford to break the offside trap, and Ramsdale scored for the second time in the game.

In the 75th minute, Eriksen dribbled the ball straight into the middle and opened the siege. Rashford hit the goal to expand the score to 3-1.

The rest of the time, despite playing very hard, Arsenal’s possession proved to be fairly simple and relatively easy to break.

With this victory, MU scored 12 points and moved up the ranking to 5th. Meanwhile, Arsenal are 15 points ahead despite the loss.

Results MU vs Arsenal: 3-1

Score: Anthony 35′, Rashford 66′, 75′ – Saka 60′


Mou: De Gea; Martinez, Varane, Malaysia, Dalot; McTominay, Eriksen; Sancho, Bruno, Anthony; Rashford.

Arsenal: Ramsdale; Gabriel, Saliba, Zinchenko, White; Xhaka, Lokonga; Martinelli, Odegaard, Saka; Jesus.

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