Results U23 Vietnam vs U20 Korea: The only “sword strike”

22 Apr 2022 | 21:13 | Football

On the evening of April 22, Vietnam U23 prepares for the friendly match against South Korea U20 sea ​​games Thirty-first.

Vietnam u23 vs South Korea u20 Results: "shy sword" if only

Pham Dong (right) scored the only goal for Vietnam U23.female pictures

As previously shared, Coach Park Hengrui formed the strongest lineup with the trio of Hong Yong, Huang De and Tian Ling.

However, the White Shirts didn’t play too sharply in the first 45 minutes, despite their excellent possession.

The plethora of chances that Coach Park’s students have can only count on Hong Yong’s header or Bum Dong’s shot.

The game was not well played, but the home team suddenly opened the scoring at the last minute of the first half.

Huang Ying passed the ball from the right, and the pink shirt defender played on the surface to create conditions for Fan Dong to dribble the ball for Vietnam U23.

In the second half, Vietnam U23 actively pushed the attack speed, but in the final situation, the white shirt players were indecisive.

The home team’s two chances were due to the loose defense of the visiting team, but unfortunately Tianling missed both.

At the end of the game, Vietnam U23 almost lost the ball, but fortunately, Zhou Chengmin hit the post along Pham Chuan’s goal.

In the end, Vietnam U23 defeated South Korea U20 1-0.

Results U23 Vietnam vs U20 Korea: 1-0

Target: Van East 45′


U23 Vietnam: Fan Quan, Fan Du, Thanh Binh, Yue An, Tuan Tai, Fan Xuan, Huang De, Hong Deng, Huang Ying, Fan Dong, Tian Ling.

South Korea U20: Hyun Ho, Hyun Bin, Seung Won, Young Jun, Young Kwang, Do Yun, Seo Jun, Seung Wan, Seung Ho, Kyu Won, Hyun Ho, Kyu Baek.

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