Ronaldo gets angry with teammates

24 Feb 2022 | 16:59 | Football

 The Portuguese superstar expressed dissatisfaction in an attacking situation of Man Utd.

Man Utd announce Ronaldo’s return from Juventus

As a guest on Atletico Madrid’s field, Cristiano Ronaldo received a lot of expectations because before that, the former Real Madrid star had 25 goals to score against Los Rojiblancos in 35 encounters with this team, especially CR7 scored 4 hat- trick.

However, early this morning, the Portuguese striker could not shine as expected. 90 minutes at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, Ronaldo only had 36 touches of the ball, launched 2 shots but never hit the target. CR7 is therefore considered one of the most disappointing players.

A ball took place in the first half, when Man Utd made a cross, but only Ronaldo in the penalty area approached the goal. The Portuguese striker therefore expressed dissatisfaction when his teammates did not rush to support.
Cristiano Ronaldo furious with Manchester United teammates during Atletico Madrid draw - Bóng Đá

 Ronaldo’s ball was not supported by teammates.

Rio Ferdinand explained: “Cristiano Ronaldo was alone in the box.

You have a chance to make a cross against Atletico Madrid, you have to put someone in the box, more than 1. Here you can see the frustration of someone like Cristiano.

Who is in the box? You have only Ronaldo and 8 Atletico players in red and white stripes.

Look at Ronaldo’s reaction, it says it all, disappointment.”

However, Man Utd still got an acceptable result, drawing 1-1 at the opponent’s field.

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