Such a big difference makes Guanghai unable to shine in Pau?

10 Aug 2022 | 00:56 | Football

How long will it take for Guanghai to integrate into Pau FC? That’s a question many people want to answer, especially after the last two games of Ligue 2.

Such a big difference makes Guanghai unable to shine in pau fc?

Guang Hai lost in Pau game

Guang Hai played for more than 90 minutes and looked out of place next to his teammates. It has been observed that Pau’s game is more about physical strength, speed and long passes.

Their lineup is always pulled to the max, creating room for players to accelerate.

Of course, Guang Hai can’t get used to this style of play, because in the Vietnam team or the Hanoi club, he and his teammates often stand very close, mainly in small groups.

Thanks to this, Hai’s delicate passing ability is maximized. In other words, he has plenty of options to get the ball off his feet.

In Pau, by contrast, he stood too far from his teammates and the ball was fast, so his passing was less efficient.

He also doesn’t have the physical strength and stamina to fit into the team’s style of play, running and running.

The problem has been determined, but how Guanghai adapts is worth discussing?

The Vietnamese player is not a star, so his teammates have to play next to him, and the coach has changed the way he operates because of him.

The only way for the 1995 midfielder to fit into the regular game is to improve himself, especially in terms of his acceleration and physicality.

It’s easy to say, but it’s definitely not easy to implement, because the starting point of “cheating” is limited.

From another point of view, the difference between Pau FC’s wing play and Guang Hai’s ability is something that not many people think of.

Like it or not, he has to start by admitting that picking this team wasn’t a smart move.

But remember, the former Hanoi midfielder has a 2-year contract and he still has plenty of time to show himself.

It’s just that if he doesn’t show his worth soon, he’s likely to be pushed away at the end of the season, when Pau is a team that likes to shuffle.

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