Thailand suffers a sudden ‘disaster’ ahead of 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers

08 Jun 2022 | 00:33 | Football

The Thai team appeared in Uzbekistan to prepare for the first match against the Maldives in Group C of the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers.

Thailand team unexpectedly meet "disaster" Before the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers

Thailand has problems ahead of 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers

However, just before this game, the “War Elephant” had quite serious problems, with as many as 13 players in poor physical condition.

“We were well prepared for the game, but in Uzbekistan the players had problems because food was not guaranteed. This caused 13 players in the team to have diarrhea,” defender Theerathon said ahead of the game against Maldives A press conference was held.

At a press conference, the 1990-born Thai star also expressed his hope that reserve players will be able to play in the opening match of the third round of the 2023 Asian Cup qualifying round.

“In the game against Maldives, I would like to come off the bench. We will try our best. The whole team is well prepared and the Thai team is aiming for the final round,” Theerathon said.

In terms of food, Ms. Peng, the female captain of the Thai football team, is working hard to provide players with diverse meals and reduce cases of diarrhea caused by food insecurity.

The ThailandNTOFFICIAL homepage states that most food in Namangan (where the Thai team is based) contains oil, even rice and soup.

Therefore, players in Thailand have digestive problems. Recently, the Golden Temple football team had to go to a Japanese or Korean restaurant to dine.

“Before the hotel served rapeseed, which was not nutritious. Ms. Pang is working hard to provide us with better quality meals. We have a team of experts to accompany us to analyze whether the food sources are nutritious,” Coach Polkin said.

Ms Pang is also looking for ways to add Thai delicacies to the U23 players competing in the 2022 AFC U23 Championships.

According to the schedule, Thailand will face Maldives (June 8), Sri Lanka (June 11) and Uzbekistan (June 14) in the third qualifying round of the 2023 Asian Cup.

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