The representative revealed the special requirements of Guanghai when it came to France

22 Jun 2022 | 01:50 | Football

The news about the new landing of midfielder Ruan Guanghai is still a hot topic of public attention and domestic media attention.

The representative revealed the special requirements of Guanghai arriving in France

Guang Hai (red shirt) is going to play in France

While the parties have yet to make an official announcement, it is almost certain that Guanghai will play for the French team.

According to the introduction of the midfield representative Mr. Ruan Duc Van who was born in 1997, the negotiation process has been completed and we are only waiting for inspection. medical A formal contract will be signed.

Notably, Mr Fan revealed that when the club wanted to organise the Vietnam star’s launching ceremony, he said it shouldn’t.

“I told them not to hold the premiere because Gwanghae hasn’t performed yet, so don’t make a fuss.

Especially the new teammates of the club may have bad thoughts when they see this.

I want to take away the pressure of Guanghai. The less pressure on Guanghai, the better,” shared Mr. Fan.

Currently, Dongying players are applying for work visas in Vietnam and then going to France for medical examinations.

If all goes well, he will launch his new team at the end of June and have about a month to prepare for the 2022-2023 season.

According to Transport News, Quang Hai received many invitations after his contract with the Hanoi club expired.

He actually also negotiated with an Austrian team, but ultimately chose the French team because they were more clear about his plans.

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