Two opposite faces of HAGL defense

12 Mar 2022 | 21:04 | Football

After the first 4 matches in V.League 2022, HAGL can no longer maintain the image of the team with the most solid defense.

Nguyen Cong Phuong’s double in front of Viettel club helped HAGL find the feeling of scoring again in V.League 2022. The pressure was somewhat relieved with the mountain town team. However, that was still not enough for coach Kiatisuk Senamuang’s teachers and students to get their first victory.

The mistake of the defense system caused HAGL to receive the second goal quite unfortunately.

Two opposite faces of HAGL defense - Football

Kim Dong-su has not been in good form as in the 2021 season. Photo: Quang Thinh. 

Regret of HAGL

It is undeniable that Nguyen Huu Thang had a good pass and Nguyen Duc Hoang Minh also ran very smart and finished skillfully. However, the defensive players HAGL also made mistakes.

Mauricio Barbosa gave up his position, jumped up to follow Venacio Caique while Nguyen Huu Tuan did not have time to rush back to cover. Meanwhile, Kim Dong-su and Vu Van Thanh were both passive in accompanying Hoang Minh, letting this player finish quite comfortably and defeat Tuan Linh.

HAGL can absolutely do better in this situation. With a height of 1.98 m, Barbosa is strong enough to head high, preventing Huu Thang’s pass from being too high. In addition, Kim Dong-su also needs to move faster, closer to Hoang Minh because Viettel Club has no danger on the border and Van Thanh is also standing in this area. It can be said that HAGL shows passivity.

Before Viettel Club got the equalizer, many people thought about a victory for HAGL. At that time, the away team had to replace many players, including the pillars Geovane Magno, who scored the equalizer 1-1 or midfielder Ho Khac Ngoc. Most of the players entering the field of Viettel FC belong to the U23 age group. Not only that, but Bui Quang Khai, the player who came on as a substitute, also had to leave early due to injury.

Even Hoang Minh, a player who rarely plays on the field, burst into tears on the day he scored the first goal for the club. Huu Thang also repeatedly failed to pass, causing Viettel Club to lose control of the ball before having a decisive assist. Those factors show that HAGL is better than the opponent in terms of people in the final moments of the game.

This is not the first time that the players playing in front of Huynh Tuan Linh showed deviation. In the 59th minute, HAGL also almost conceded a goal. Kim Dong-su stood watching Duong Van Hao pass the ball one touch inside. The Korean midfielder has enough space, time and height advantage to cut a long pass from Nguyen Duc Chien’s home field. However, he did not do so.

After that, Kim Dong-su did not have the initiative to clear the ball. He turned to swing his legs to block but failed, opening a dangerous opportunity for Viettel Club. If Truong Van Thiet cut the ice faster, the away team wouldn’t have to wait until the 82nd minute to equalize. At that time, HAGL’s failure to win points is possible because the psychological advantage will belong to Viettel Club.


The loopholes of HAGL are not only revealed in a moment. Viettel Club has carefully researched and successfully exploited. In the post-match press conference, Mr. Bae Ji-won, the away team’s assistant, said: ” HAGL has a tendency to attack, so we focused on the space behind their defence. We had this plan. in the second half to change the situation “.

Two opposite faces of HAGL defense - Football

Barbosa needs more time to get used to his new teammates as well as adapt to coach Kiatisuk’s tactics. Photo: Quang Thinh. 


In V.League 2021, HAGL is the team with the best defense. They conceded 9 goals after 12 matches, averaging 0.75 goals per game. But at this time, the mountain town team has conceded 4 times, an average of 1 time / game. They are the team that received the most goals conceded in V.League 2022 (equal to Saigon Club). That makes HAGL temporarily only stand at 7th place in the rankings with 3 points.

Last season, HAGL regularly played with a trio of central defenders Damir Memovic (left), Kim Dong-su (middle) and Nguyen Huu Tuan (left). They play well, cover each other well, contributing to the overall success of the team.

Coach Kiatisuk still maintains a system of 3 central defenders. This time, however, there was a disturbance. HAGL recruited Barbosa to replace Memovic. The Brazilian centre-back is taller, younger and quicker but has not yet adapted well to his new teammates.

Meanwhile, coach Kiatisuk is still struggling to find the best way to arrange the three central defenders. In the loss to SLNA, Barbosa kicked to the right, Kim Dong-su kicked the middle and Le Duc Luong played to the left.

In the draw with Ha Tinh Club, Barbosa played a central defender, while the two positions of mid-back belonged to Nguyen Van Viet and Le Duc Luong. Previously, on the Thien Truong field of Nam Dinh, Huu Tuan played in the place of Duc Luong.

After the first 4 matches, coach Kiatisuk had 4 different ways of arranging personnel in the three central defenders. This may be the reason why HAGL’s defense is not cohesive and has trouble in some situations with people. Since then, the mountain town team has not had a good record.

This is a problem that HAGL needs to solve soon because when the defense needs to be stable, upline players like Cong Phuong, Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong or Van Toan can feel secure and confident in playing football.

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