Vietnam art ball has historic significance at world championships

16 Aug 2022 | 01:12 | Football

At the Super Ball International Art Ball Championships 2022, Vietnam represented the DKP team with two athletes, Nguyen Danh Quang and Nguyen Anh Tuan, and brought home the silver medal with a double routine content (both team performance).

Vietnam art ball has historic significance at world championships

Vietnamese expats living in the Czech Republic cheer on the DKP team

This is the first medal of Vietnamese art football at a high level world.

The DKP Team performance was choreographed by coach Do Kim Phuc (Asian Art Ball Champion).

Inspired by the lion dance, the traditional culture of East Asian ethnic groups, the troupe combined street folk dance with artistic hot air balloons to create a unique performance.

Amid the cheers of about 100 Vietnamese living in the Czech Republic, two members of the DKP team performed well in the final, winning 25/25 points.

This score is on par with the champions Yosshi & Yuji from Japan, but the DKP team falls behind due to sub-state (low qualifying score).

The tournament champions have played art football for 20 years, playing SUPERBALL seven times and winning the Double Routine event three times.

Sharing his thoughts after the game, Danh Quang said: “We are very honored and proud to participate in the biggest artistic football competition on the planet for the first time. On the day of qualifying, due to trembling and nervousness, both players lacked confidence and made a mistake during the performance. made some mistakes.

But on the day of the final exam, both brothers felt very comfortable, so they showed their full abilities. A perfect score in the final round is a good recognition. “

Meanwhile, Anh Tuan said, “I am very happy to be ranked second on the world stage, something that Vietnamese artistic football players have never participated in. Thank you to the KUN brand for sponsoring the team in this tournament.”

Vietnam art ball has historic significance at world championships

The exams of Anh Tuan and Danh Quang were very difficult

For his part, Coach Do Kim Phuc said, “My brothers and I cherished the idea of ​​performing this kind of lion dance 4 months before the competition. The team worked around the clock to make this impossible. .

International friends were amazed when Tuan and Quang performed. Even Laura, the female world champion, came to tell me that your performance is worthy of being a champion. This is a very good performance. In the more than 10 years of the game’s history.

When MC saw that Vietnam only won the second prize, I was a little sad and regretful, because after watching the performance of the two, I believed in a champion. Next year we will definitely come back and conquer the championship. “

Superball is the largest freestyle football competition with nearly 400 players from 45 countries. This year’s competition was held at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

The competition judges are world artistic football legends including Miran Pirner (Croatia), Kitti Szász (Hungary), Jordan Meunier (France), Szymo Skalski (Poland), Luki Chwieduk (Poland), Rocco Karászi (Hungary), Juan Astorga (Chile ) ).

Nguyen Anh Tuan was born in Phu Shou County in 1998. Currently, Tuan is a content creator working in Hanoi.

Nguyen Danh Quang was born in Danh Fang, Hanoi in 1994. Previously, Quang worked in information technology.

However, after being selected for the 2022 Superball World Championship, Kwong quit his job to focus on all his training time.

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